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A beautiful staircase can be the star of any home. But it would help to think outside the box and to come up with an ingenious idea for its design. For example, focus on the staircase railing, try using an unusual material or replacing the typical design with something different, maybe repurpose some things. Here are a few ideas you might enjoy.

A paddle can make a great staircase railing. It already has the shape and size most staircases need so you can easily repurpose it. It would be a great idea, especially for a beach house or a lake retreat.

Bring nature inside your home and use a custom branch as stair railing. You just have to find the right branch to use for the project. You can also make a custom branch and only use the shape as inspiration.

For an outdoor staircase, a free form vine can make a perfect handrail. You can find something like this in the woods and integrate it into your garden. The organic shape makes the wine perfect for the project.

by Mina Brinkey.

This handrail was created from a birch branch. It’s a great way or recycling and repurposing elements from nature. The railing look especially great against the crisp white walls and in combination with the white stairs.

image by Paces construction

Another garden staircase featuring a vine as handrail. The spiral shape is pretty uniform and blends in perfectly into this wooded landscape.

An eye-catching staircase handrail doesn’t necessarily have to feature an unusual shape or material. You can also try a simple design, maybe combine some shapes and create a geometric look.

by by Ralph Kylloe

This rustic home has a fantastic staircase. The railing is made from branches and this is a perfect design for a winter cabin. It gives the room a very cozy feel and it also contributes to the overall original and sculptural décor.

by Christ & Gantenbein’

The handrail doesn’t necessarily have to be something you add or mount onto the wall. For example, this modern staircase has a concrete handrail which is basically a niche carved into the wall. It’s very ingenious and a nice way to simplify the design.

If you wish to add some industrial charm to your home, you can try having a metal pipe handrail for the staircase. It;s easy to install and it has its charm. It would look especially nice if it leads to the basement.

by Nat Rea Photography

A rope handrail can also be very charming. It’s a nice feature for a beach house or for a home with a nautical-themed interior design. It has some rustic charm, a nice texture and you can customize with all sorts of interesting knots.

This cool-looking stair railing makes uses of an unusual material: leather. It’s not something you typically expect to see being integrated into such a structure but it definitely looks great here and suits the design to perfection. The combination of steel and leather results in a simple and trendy design. This was created by studios CLB Architect and Brandner Design.

Integrating some sort of storage into the design of the staircase is a very clever idea especially when dealing with a small space. This writer’s cottage designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter is a great example. The staircase itself is a series of cubbies and the railing is made of rope that goes through the stairs and through a series of metal loops attached to the ceiling. It’s simple but also very interesting at the same time.

Other more mainstream materials can also be used to create unique and interesting designs. Take this modern staircase by Monoloko Design for instance. In addition to having a super clean and flat base it also has an amazing railing design created using steel supports placed at random angles.

This staircase designed by studio FARM for one of the houses that they built is part of a lovely interior courtyard with trees growing through cutouts in the floor and an open ceiling. The concrete stairs are barely visible, being concealed behind a decorative railing that extends from top to bottom forming a wall. It has a geometric design with a repetitive pattern which lets lights through but also does a good job at concealing the staircase.

One of the most interesting and eye-catching staircase railings was designed by Marc Fornes / Theverymany, together with architect Ammar Eloueini and is made from Corian. It has an abstract design, reminiscent of a web or a honeycomb. It’s a very organic-looking structure which changes shape and appears to become more stretched out towards the bottom of the stairs.

For one of the houses which they designed, Dorrington Architects created a very elegant staircase that has an intricate metal railing. It extends from floor to ceiling forming a dividing wall and it has a look reminiscent of a beautiful cathedral of sorts. As the light passes through it projects a stylish pattern onto the opposite wall.

Another cool way to make a staircase stand out is by integrating lighting into its design. That’s what Fraher Architects did in this particular case. Everything is made of wood which adds uniformity to the design and makes the staircase look very solid. There’s hidden LED lighting integrated into the built-in handrails which add a warm glow and make it easier to find the handrail at night.

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