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Scandinavian furniture is renowned for its simplicity and beauty and it has a very distinctive style which is always easy to recognize. It’s a style that many designers have embraced fully and that gives us lots of amazing pieces to choose from when furnishing our homes. Today we’re going to talk about Scandinavian chairs and how they can enrich the space around them with their pureness and beauty.

Chair 66 is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture which adds beauty and style to any setting. You can successfully incorporate it in areas such as the dining room, living room, kitchen, patio, terrace or use in combination with a desk or vanity. It has a slender and at the same time sturdy construction yet it manages to remain lightweight. The wide backrest has a large cut-out and a handle-like shape. You can get it in a variety of colors and finishes.

The design of the Domus chair was created with careful consideration for comfort and functionality. It’s a modern chair with an elegant and slender silhouette. The seat and backrest are slightly curved and as a result the chair is comfortable and allows sitting for long periods of time. The armrests are intentionally short, allowing the chair to be pulled close to a table or a desk. This amazing chair was designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1946.

This is one of the simplest designs ever, even for a Scandinavian chair. It’s also very versatile thanks to that and it comes in a variety of different colors which means you can mix and match multiple ones without making the area look too busy. The Langue Avantgarde chair has a metal base with four tapered and slender legs. The seat is made of plastic.

The Elephant chair is yet another beautiful example of stylish Scandinavian furniture. It looks lightweight and elegant and has a solid oak frame which extends towards the back for extra support and style. The seat and the back are upholstered and available in leather and fabric, with multiple colors to choose from. The backrest has a distinctive shape reminiscent of an elephant ear, hence the quirky name.

The design of the Wishbone chair is a classic and numerous versions of it are available for purchase. The original model was designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949. All these years later it’s still a very stylish and beautiful piece of furniture which looks amazing in modern and Nordic-inspired interiors. A distinctive design feature is the Y-shaped back support.

Here’s another gorgeous Scandinavian chair which has been around for decades and still somehow manages to look as modern and as elegant as ever. The CH33P chair was designed in 1957 by Hans J. Wegner. It has a slender and graceful silhouette and an organic form which looks quite luxurious, especially in combination with the leather upholstery. The curved seat is positioned in such a way that it almost appears to be floating.

This is an iconic design which you might already be familiar with. It’s the Lily chair by Arne Jacobsen. There is however a detail that stands out. This version of the chair has chromed legs and is made of walnut veneer. This edition of the chair was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Lily chair. It’s the first one with a natural veneer exterior which is a very difficult to accomplish and makes this version that much more impressive.

The Drop chair is also a very iconic piece which was designed by Arne Jacobsen. It has a very distinctive curved shell-style seat which gradually gets narrower towards the top, giving the chair a very sleek look. It’s a monochromatic chair which you can get in a variety of different nuances. Although the seat is not the most slender or small, the base complements it perfectly and prevents it from looking too bulky.

There’s a lot of beautiful Scandinavian armchairs worth mentioning here, starting with the Denman. With a solid oak frame and soft cushions filled with duck feathers, this chair is not only super comfortable but also very elegant. At the same time, its simplicity makes it highly versatile and suitable for both formal and casual settings as well as lots of different types of spaces.

The Plank armchair is pretty special too. It was designed to offer maximum comfort and it definitely achieves that, all without being too robust or looking bulky. As you can see, its design has a strong Scandinavian look. The frame is made of solid oak which allows it to be extra strong and durable without being unnecessarily big. At the same time, the seat and back cushions sit at an angle which increases the comfort even more.

The Piano chair has a wonderful design. Even though it’s a very simple piece of furniture, its design is actually fairly complex. This beautiful Scandinavian chair was designed by Vilhelm Wohlert in 1955 and has remained a very iconic piece ever since. Its timeless appeal comes from its slender appearance and in particular the curved seat and the eye-catching back.

Like many other Scandinavian chairs, this one has an exposed frame which gives it a very stylish and lightweight look. The frame is made of solid ash wood and has delicate and beautiful curves, gently wrapping around the back cushion. The Laurel lounge chair is super comfortable and has feather-filled removable cushions available in a variety of different fabrics but always in the same color.

The Nomad chair has one of the most unusual designs which is a Scandinavian interpretation of a traditional Moroccan wicker chair. This strange combination of influences gives this piece a unique and very interesting look, resulting in a design that’s both simple and very rich. The large seat and backrest are very defining for this piece. What’s really beautiful is the fact that thanks to the choice of materials and finishes this chair looks very slender and lightweight despite actually being quite big.

Another equally interesting and eclectic design is featured by this Flat Rattan Wing Chair. It’s a beautiful accent piece with a lot of casual charm. Although it’s made from very simple materials, it looks elegant and has a refined look. The curved rattan seat and the thin black iron legs complement each other and give this piece a lightweight and bohemian appearance. The Scandinavian design influence is also quite strong.

This right here is the Langue Original, the source of inspiration for the Avantgarde version that we mentioned earlier. Needles to say, it’s a highly versatile chair with a very simple design which allows numerous different combinations to be created. The molded plastic seat and the wooden base are available in a variety of different colors and finishes. Additionally, the chair is also available with metal legs.

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