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It doesn’t always take much to transform your home and turn it into a space you can be proud of. More often than not, all it takes are a few home decor accents or home decor items to take your room above and beyond.

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Today, we’ve gathered some of our best modern home decor design pieces and home decor accents that you can fall in love with. Make each of them your own, taking the entire inspiration to copy or only a sliver to play with.

Modern interior design ideas to spruce your decor

Substitute With Glass

Substitute With Glass

Glass is one of the most modern yet versatile building materials still available today. So why not use it for more than windows and mirrors? In private areas, you can use it for bathroom doors and closet doors to open a space up.

But in more public areas like the living room and kitchen, limit the glass you use to keep lines clean and privacy private. If you can do that, you can make the most out of glass by using it sparingly in the best ways.

Space-Saving Furniture

Space-Saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture pieces are some of the most amazing home decor inspiration items. The best way to create space-saving furniture is to find furniture that can be multi-purpose, serving you in more than one way.

For example, a murphy bed is a bed that folds up into the wall. It can lay out at night and fold up out of sight during the day. This can be the perfect answer to multi-purpose rooms in small houses and studio apartments. 

Hidden Lighting

Hidden Lighting

Hidden lighting can be used in a lot of different ways. But one of the best ways to use it is to add a mysterious flair to your home decor items. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add strips of LED lights under shelves.

This is the most basic way to do this as the lights can be added inside cabinets to light them up in the dark. This looks better if the cabinet doors are glass but again, play around with hidden lighting to find what works for your space.

“Magic” Furniture

"Magic" Furniture

There are so many ways to take things to the next level these days. One of the most common types of magic furniture home decor accents is furniture or accents that look like they are floating. This is common with shelves and lighting.

Since there are so many options for these two things, it is easy to make it work. Just find items with thin wires for legs or stands. Mounted items also can look quite magical if you keep cords and such out of sight.  

Ambiguous Inspiration

Ambiguous Inspiration

It can be fun to draw inspiration from one culture or another. But it can be even more fun to mix them together in a way that makes your decor unrecognizable. This creates a unique design style that is all your own.

If you like the colors of one culture but the shapes of another and the materials of yet another, then blend them together to create something that is all you. This is a great way to make sure that your space is unique. 

Comfort You Can See

Comfort You Can See

Can you see comfort? Some like to think so. Imagine a bean bag chair with a cup of cocoa by the fireplace. While straight lines and clean spaces are alluring because they are fresh, comfortable spaces that look lived in are actually quite a bit more inviting than the other spaces. 

You can make your space look lived in without looking messy by adding comfortable throws and material with a little give in it instead of starchy sheets and furniture that looks like it has never been touched. 

Playing With Different Fabrics

Playing With Different Fabrics

We get it, cotton and leather are both wonderful materials, but they aren’t the only two fabrics available. Polyester isn’t the only alternative either. There are hundreds of fabric options out there for you to explore.

For example, neoprene, cotton silk, corduroy, and velvet can all be used for furniture. Not all of them are ideal, but they can all work. They are just a few of the many options for furniture that you may not realize can be used for furniture. 

Empty Space

Empty Space

As in, geometric lines that appear empty on the inside. We all know by now that geometric designs are very modern and always trending right now. But did you know that geometric designs can be light and airy?

Yes, it’s true. All you need to do is take the chicken wire approach. It may not sound all that attractive but it can be if done right. All it takes is the right thickness of bars of the right material and you can have amazing geometric furniture. 

Beams Can Be Fun

Beams Can Be Fun

Beams on the ceiling are pleasing to nearly everyone. But that is usually where the beam inspiration stops. The truth is that you can use beams for your furniture, for pillars, and for your walls if you do it right.

There is something about salvaged beams that make you want to use them anywhere you can. But if you prefer a fresher look, you can get brand new beams and it will also look amazing any way that you use them.

Wall Of Shelves

Wall Of Shelves

You can add a classic small to medium bookshelf but if you have the room and the home decor items to stack on them, a wall of shelves can be fun. This is especially true if you have a lot of books or knickknacks to store.

If you don’t want your room to look too cluttered and fear that it will, then add doors to some of the shelves. Make it look more like an entertainment center by choosing the right spots for your doors on the bookshelf. 

From Counter To Table

Have you ever considered using marble, granite, or even laminate from the countertops on the table? It can be done. No longer do all dining room tables need to be wooden. Some of them can be a more unique material.

Granite and marble for tables are rare but if you use thin stone so that the table can hold up, you will have the highest-end table around. Just make sure to have a professional install the table for you for safety reasons. 

Experiment With Patterns

Never be afraid to add a pattern that you are attracted to, even if someone else might not love it. There is no pattern that won’t work for your room if you like the pattern in your room. So be brave and go for it.

Whether it be country paisley or a modern art design, it can work just as well as solid patterns. You may have to work around the unique piece but feature pieces are the best pieces you can work a room around. 

More Than Modern

There’s modern and then there is eclectic. Eclectic is a rather modern design that mixes different styles together to create a hodgepodge of styles. The end result is usually unique, creative, and artsy. 

Though there are cases when you only mix certain types of designs. For example, you can mix multiple types of modern designs to keep the area modern. If you mix contemporary with retro and mid-century modern, it still looks modern. 

Staggering Home Decor

It can be great to have everything neatly in a line with symmetrical settings. But it can also be fun to choose the asymmetrical route. In fact, there is more room for mistakes and more room for creativity with staggering items. 

Of course, one of the easiest things to stagger is shelves. Shelves, especially floating shelves, can be easily staggered because you install them one at a time and they are noticeable. You can randomly place them or go back and forth.

Full Backlights

Having small LED lights underneath shelves is amazing, as we discussed earlier. But you can really wow with a wall of light. Hanging fairy lights is a magical way to accomplish this but it isn’t very modern.

For something more modern, you can add panels of LED lights that will make it as if your entire wall is glowing. This is very effective and will look amazing in any setting. Use smart lights to change the effects daily. 

Making It Your Own

This will always be the single most important home decor inspiration tip that you will hear. You need to make your space your own. You are the best home decor inspiration that you’ll ever have, so follow your heart.

Draw inspiration from everything you see, be it nature, cityscapes, or online home decor accents. All that matters is making sure that your space makes you feel good and makes you feel at home. Everything else comes after. 

So be brave and take the leap if it means making your space yours. You can go small or go big. Do what makes you comfortable and inspiration will surely strike when you least expect it. So keep an eye out.

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