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Great food and an even better atmosphere are the two major pillars of a successful get-together, so important that amidst setting the mood lighting and making the dinner playlist, we can forget about what happens after the plates are cleared. The best way to keep the good vibes going? A post-meal game that gets everyone involved. Below, a few tried-and-true options—with a design-forward twist, of course—to help you mix up the mingling at your next fete. 


Consider this vibrant, acrylic version of the classic the building blocks of a good time.


But make it Warhol. This take on the beloved table game is decked out with the artist’s iconic camouflage motif.  

Tarot Readings

Show off your mystical powers with the ultimate party trick: predicting your guests’ fortunes with this whimsically illustrated tarot card deck.

Name That Tune  

Test the knowledge of the best music buffs by choosing an obscure Spotify playlist and having one person be the DJ. Split off into two teams and see who can name the most songs after just a few seconds of listening. Extra points go to those who know the artist and album, too.


If you’re all about a quiet night in with friends and some wine, what better way to spend the evening than with a captivating game that tests your vocabulary?

Rummy Tile

The goal here is to play all the tiles you accumulate on your personal rack by creating “melds,” or groups of similar numbers, on the table. Save this one for the more advanced gamers. 

The Newlywed Game: Family and Friends Edition

Test the knowledge of your attendees by focusing the game on them. Start by putting people into pairs and having them sit back to back. For each question asked by the “host,” the duo must quickly write down what they think each other will answer. The two that get the most answers correct wins. 

Contrary to popular belief, puzzles are, in fact, a game—and this ombre version is guaranteed to keep you and the guests occupied on those gatherings when you’re trying to keep things low-key.


This traditional Mexican game—very similar to bingo—is reinvented with a millennial spin. Prepare for plenty of laugh-out-loud entertainment. 


Gather your most competitive friends and embark on a riveting round of this high-energy pastime. Its embossed cherry-red box will look right at home on your bookshelf afterwards. 

Heads Up

Have guests sit in a circle and write down a person, place, or item on a sticky note. Fold each in half, then place them into a bowl. One by one, each player picks a note from the bowl and without looking, opens it and sticks it on their forehead. The person to their left then gives them clues to help them guess what’s on their head. Game on.

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