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Originally introduced in the 1700s, the sofa table used to be a long, drop-leaf piece placed in front of the sofa and included drawers for storage and decorations. Today that’s no longer the case. The sofa table kept its name but is no longer associated with the sofa in many cases. It became a versatile piece of furniture often featured on hallways, in dining rooms or in the living area where it sometimes sits behind the sofa or is used as a space divider. If you’re wondering how a modern sofa table would look like today, check out below 10 of our favorite designs.

This sofa table features a top made of thick MDF boards, a matching shelf and legs made of metal. It’s strong and durable and at the same time it looks sleek and slender. In terms of style, its design is quite eclectic, featuring both rustic and industrial influences. You can find out more about this piece of furniture on Amazon.

Here’s another sofa table with a distinctive rustic allure. It’s made of MDF and laminate wood with no other materials blended into its design. It’s simple and it also has character. The slatted bottom shelf is a bit peculiar but is at the same time a defining detail in the design of the table. Check it out on Amazon.

For a modern or a contemporary setting the best choice is often a sofa table with a very simple design. This right here is a nice example. This table looks very clean and simple and lacks any . unnecessary ornamental features, including the shelf which is often considered to be a defining characteristic on a sofa table. The combination of burnt oak and powder-coated metal give it a contemporary-industrial look. For more details, check out the table on Amazon.

This table is very similar to one we mentioned above with a noticeable difference: the top. The MDF A-frame structure and slatted bottom shelf give the table a distinctive rustic appearance while the white marble top introduces a modern and elegant touch which ends up making a huge difference and allowing the table to stand out. Check out this piece of Amazon for more details.

If you’re looking for a sofa table that has that unique old vibe to it, look no further because we found it. This beautiful piece is made of 150 year old oak wood. It’s as much a furniture piece as it is a work of art. The wood is salvaged from old barns and no two tables are the same. Check out etsy for more details on this amazing table.

With an elegant and eclectic design, this sofa table is exactly what you’d want for a welcoming living room or a charming entryway. The top and the bottom shelf are made of thick MDF board and the frame is made of metal. This combination gives the table a vintage farmhouse allure that’s often difficult to get right. Check out its full description on Amazon.

In addition to the bottom which is typical to all sofa tables, this also includes two extra drawers at the top. This detail makes the table even more versatile than other similar pieces simply because it offers more storage without being too obvious about it. Put this in the living room behind the sofa, in the entryway or on a hallway. You can find the Vasagle table on Amazon.

In contrast with many other designs on our list, this sofa table doesn’t have a bottom shelf or any top drawers. It’s as simple as they come and that actually gives it lots of character. It has a sawhorse leg design and an overall rustic look. The simplicity of the design allows it to be very versatile which makes it easy to envision this in a variety of different setting and used for various different purposes. You can find it on Amazon.

We realize that since sofa tables are not that common you’ll probably have trouble finding one that suits your style or your budget so we’d like to explore some alternative options. You could build your own table from scratch. This way you can be sure it has the right size and you can use whatever materials you want. There’s a nice description that you can find on ana-white. The table is simple and slender and fits perfectly behind the living room sofa.

This farmhouse sofa table featured on ahostinghome is quite amazing too. To get that worn look you can either use reclaimed wood or paint the wood and then lightly sand it. The typical farmhouse style design offers a cool advantage even in a modern home as the wide legs let you easily hide cords and cables behind them in order to maintain a clean and tidy living room.

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