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Fixing up a home can be a source of pride and joy. Sometimes, though, projects don’t end up as planned. To avoid spending your hard-earned money on regrettable purchases, skip these ten home-related items.

Low Couches

Low couch

Low couches offer a sleek appearance appropriate for modern, minimal, and industrial styles but have one major downside: a lack of comfort. If you want to give your home a modern look without sacrificing comfortability, skip low-to-the-ground, low-back couches. Instead, choose a sofa with straight, modern lines or add interest to your room with one of the year’s hottest trends — the curved sofa.

White Appliances

White appliance

Shiny white refrigerators and stoves are a step above old white appliances, but they can still make a space look dated. Plus, if you have white cabinets, it can be hard to find an exact shade match in appliances, making them stand out rather than seamlessly blend. Opt for stainless steel, black, or paneled appliances if you want to play it safe.

Faux Leather

Faux Leather

Purchasing faux leather furniture seems like a smart way to get the look of genuine leather for less, but this material quickly loses its luster and is prone to cracking and peeling. You’re better off prolonging your furniture purchase and saving for the real thing.

Sliding Barn Doors

Barn Doors

Five years ago, barn doors inside a home were all the rage. Today, this style has fizzled out. If you want to avoid participating in a dying trend, skip the sliding barn door and opt for solid wood doors instead. 

Open Shelves

Kitchen Open Shelves

The idea of open shelves is a nice one — arrange kitchen decor and utensils in an aesthetically pleasing manner for guests to admire. The reality is quite different. It’s hard to keep open shelves tidy if you live in a busy household. If you want to avoid the visual clutter that comes with shelving, stick with regular upper cabinets in the kitchen.

Kids Playground Equipment

Kitds Playground

Most parents have added kids’ playground equipment to their backyards at least once or twice. It’s a genuine and noble gesture to provide your kids with a swing set, clubhouse, or slide they can play on. But most kids lose interest quickly. After a couple of weeks of playing on the new equipment, they’re no longer fascinated, and you’re left with a swing set or playhouse to maintain.

Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

When utilized, above-ground pools provide hours of summer fun but require major maintenance and upkeep. Before adding an above-ground pool to your yard, consider whether your financial and time investment will be worth it. 

Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs can add a whimsical element to the room, but many homeowners regret installing them. Not only do you need to screw into the ceiling to hang the chair, but they’re often not used much — becoming an inconvenience to walk around rather than a coveted home feature.

Dedicated Home Cinemas

Dedicated home theater

Dedicated home cinemas are fun for hosting move-watching parties and hanging with the kids. These rooms, however, are underutilized. Unless your family will use a dedicated home cinema at least 2-3 times per week, your room will collect dust. Think about what your family needs most before dedicating an entire room and a lot of money to creating a home cinema.

Jet Tubs

Jet Tub

Soaking in a jet tub is a relaxing way to end a long, hard day. But there is one major problem with jetted tubs: mold. Mold spores can hang out in the jet’s crevices, and the moist environment provides the perfect breeding ground for mold colonies. If you don’t want nasty bacteria and mold lurking in your bath water, skip the jetted tub and opt for a soaking tub.

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