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Whether your kitchen is teeny tiny or it’s the perfect size for your household but seriously lacks cupboard space, we’re here to solve your kitchen storage woes. How? There are some genius cupboard organisers out there, that can help you make use of every inch of space inside your kitchen cabinetry. To store more cookware, dinnerware and obviously: to hold more food in your cupboards. A kitchen organiser should also make it easier to find what you are after when dinnertime is a little more stressful than you’d like it to be.

When it comes to storing things inside your kitchen cupboards, if you’re more of a shove it in and hope for the best kind of person (us too!) then these organisers will definitely help you on your way to a tidy kitchen. We’ve found everything from pan lid storage to mug holders and even an invention to easily hold your baking trays and chopping boards, plus more.

A kitchen cupboard organiser isn’t just for getting organised, believe it or not, as these buys below can all offer the best of both worlds: they can keep your cupboards looking orderly, and they can help maximise useable storage space. So, if it annoys you that you can’t use the space under your kitchen cupboard shelves, or if you’re struggling to store all of your dinnerware in one place, then we’ve got just the buys for you.

These game-changing kitchen storage ideas below can work in wall cabinets, kitchen cupboards and you can even use these buys in your pantry or your fridge. They’re multi-purpose, to say the least.

The best cupboard organisers for a tidy space

Finew Store Set of 8 Stackable Storage Boxes
Though these boxes are designed for your fridge, to help keep it neat and tidy in there, they can pretty much be used anywhere in your kitchen. They are especially handy for separating snacks inside your kitchen cupboards, though, or for holding juice cartons and keeping these small bits in order, and easy to find.

£35.99 at Amazon

Madesmart Expandable Shelf Organiser
For organising your spices and sauces, to make them easy to find inside your kitchen cupboard, this tiered cupboard organiser is genius. You’ve probably seen similar in Mrs Hinch’s kitchen, and this one is even expandable so that it can adapt to the size of your cupboards. It even has non-slip shelves so that your spices and jars won’t topple over when reaching your arm to the very back of your cupboard.

£19.99 at Lakeland

Joseph Joseph Undershelf Drawer
A game-changer invention to help you use every inch of cupboard space, this drawer simply attaches to a shelf inside a cupboard, to hold anything from dried packet food to small sachets of spices plus more. Think stock cubes, hot chocolate powder packets and even food paste tubes. Small things that otherwise make your kitchen cupboards look cluttered.

£16 at Dunelm

Lakeland Bamboo Corner Shelf
This bamboo shelf is both eco-friendly and space-savvy. It slots in nicely to sit in the corner of your cupboard, to hold your plates and use every inch of space from the top of your cupboard to the bottom of it. This way, you needn’t play Jenga with your plates and worry that they’ll eventually tumble out of your cupboard and smash on the floor. Use it for your dinner plates on top, smaller plates in the middle and stack bowls underneath. The ultimate space saver.

£16.99 at Lakeland

Joejis Kitchen Mug Holder & Cupboard Organiser
You can never have too many mugs where this kitchen cupboard organiser is concerned. Attach it to the shelf in the cupboard where your mugs live and use it to hang your favourite ones that you reach for time and time again. You’ll still have plenty of space for mugs underneath, but this should mean that you won’t have to take a risk and stack your mugs ever again.

£9.94 at Amazon

PetHot Kitchen Rack Organiser
This multi-purpose cupboard organiser can be used in many ways. You can use it in the cupboard underneath your sink, to store your cleaning products neatly. Otherwise, it’s great for adding extra storage space to floor cupboards. Use it as pictured to prevent stacking bowls, plates and pans in the tens. It’s adjustable in size to fit your space perfectly, and it has removable racks in case of any pipes that it needs to work around. Oh, and it’s a total bargain.

£12.09 at Amazon

Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Set of 4
Another genius invention from Joseph Joseph, this ought to solve all of your pan lid storage woes. Stick these inside your cupboard or on the inside of your cupboard door, and use them to hold your pan lids to save on cupboard shelf space, and to keep them within easy reach. No more having to take every single pan out of your cupboard to find one lid, plus they stick on with ease.

£12 at Amazon

Simplywire Baking Tray & Chopping Board Rack
Use this handy Amazon storage buy for holding anything from chopping boards to baking trays within easy reach and in an organised fashion. Rather than hiding them underneath pots and pans or leaning on your kitchen worktops, this wire rack will keep them organised whilst taking up minimal cupboard space. 

£9.99 at Amazon

Joseph Joseph Compact Tiered Cupboard Organiser
Place one (or three) of these inside your wall cabinets to keep dried foods in order, including anything from cans to jars of sauce and seasoning. With three tiers and a drawer for hiding smaller food items away to keep them safe, this cupboard organiser should use up all of your cupboard space, from shelf to shelf.

£15 at Dunelm

Simplywire Plate Rack
Another plate rack for easy storing and separating of your dinnerware sets, but this one is made from metal so it’s super durable. You could also use this one to help you stack cans a little easier, or for stacking mugs or organising containers inside your kitchen cupboards. It’s a total bargain meaning that you can buy more than one and fill your kitchen cupboards with a few of these to maximize storage space on a budget.

£10.99 at Amazon

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If you’re still wondering how to organise kitchen cabinets, then we’ve got plenty of advice. First of all, though, you might want to start by decluttering and throwing anything away or donating food that you won’t’ use to a food bank.

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