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Keep your kids busy with one of these free DIY swing set plans. In many cases, building your own is less expensive and more sturdy than purchasing a packaged swing set. We’ve included ten plans that range from simple a-frames with swings to more elaborate playgrounds.

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1. Easiest Two-Post Swing Set Plan

Easiest Two-Post Swing Set Plan

Those wanting a basic swing set will appreciate this easy-to-follow tutorial from My Outdoor Plans. The plan covers the material and tool list, how to anchor the posts and the assembly instructions.

If you have beginner woodworking experience, this swing set is a good starting point. Later, you can add more features, like an attached playhouse or slide.

2. DIY Wooden Swing Set with Rock Wall

DIY Wooden Swing Set with Rock Wall

Use this plan from Dunn Lumber to build a sturdy swing set and customize the wall, spacing the climbing rocks to fit your child’s height.

To keep the playset in good condition, Dunn Lumber suggests using pressure-treated wood coated in a water-repellant.

3. Simple but Sturdy, Wooden A-frame Swing Set

Simple but Sturdy, Wooden A-frame Swing Set

If sturdy construction matters to you, this free swing set plan has you covered. It features pressure-treated pine beams and is 11 feet high, 13 feet wide, and 13 feet deep. It’s large enough to fit three swings or accessories.

The tutorial from AdiemFamily includes a material and tool list and step-by-step assembly instructions.

4. Clubhouse Playset Plan

Clubhouse Playset Plan

Those who value aesthetics and function will appreciate this clubhouse playset plan from Her Tool Belt. The playhouse has a cottage look with a spiral slide, rock wall, swing sets, and two levels of playhouse area.

You can find the PDF plans for this set on Ryobi. Make it your own by customizing the paint color, shutters, and roof.

5. Deluxe DIY Swing Set with Two Playhouses and a Slide

Deluxe DIY Swing Set with Two Playhouses and a Slide

If you’re looking for a big project, consider a deluxe backyard playground. My Outdoor Plans provides the tutorial for this double playhouse, slide, and swingset. Since it’s large and expensive, it’s best suited for those with prior woodworking and construction experience.

The online plans are extensive and include a material list. You’ll need to pay a small fee if you want PDF plans.

6. Free Swing Set Plan

Free Swing Set plans

Ana White provides a swing set plan you can use as an extension to your playset or as a freestanding model. She also has separate tutorials for a playhouse, which you could add on if desired.

These free swing set plans include a shopping list, tool list, and photographic step-by-step instructions.

7. Vibrant DIY Outdoor Playground

Vibrant DIY Outdoor Playground

Add some color to your playground by painting accent pieces like in this example from The DIY Plan. The playset has a tidy look and includes swings, a slide, a rock wall, and a built-in picnic table.

The tutorial uses diagrams to illustrate the construction steps and comes with a material list.

8. Inexpensive Do It Yourself Swing Set

Inexpensive Do It Yourself Swing Set

You can build this swing set from Create and Find for about $300 – $400. It features A-frame support and provides enough length for three swings or accessories.

The posts and beams in this swing set are heavy, so recruit help before attempting this build. The tutorial will walk you through all the cuts and assembly steps.

9. Outdoor Playground Build

Outdoor Playground Build

If your kids beg to go to the park, make them one of their own with this backyard playground plan. The playset features a slide, clubhouse, rock wall, and multiple swings.

The builders, Kenarry, started with a playset kit and customized it for sturdiness. They provide details on their blog.

10. DIY Swing Set with Slide

DIY Swing Set with Slide

Build your kids a simple playhouse swing set equipped with a slide using this tutorial from Instructables. The lumber costs are about $1,000, and the support and framing instructions are in the post.

You can customize this swing set, adding any swing or accessory that fits.

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