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With the hot summer days behind us, fall and all its beautiful and bountiful wonders is starting to take over the land. This is a perfect time to start using some of the autumn-specific resources in our projects and to make beautiful things to decorate our homes with. Today we’re focusing on apples and all the cool things that can be done with them. 

The humble apple is a perfect resource for various DIY projects. Apples are inexpensive, easy to come by and plentiful this time of the year. Here’s how you can use a bunch of them to make lovely place cards for a special dinner table. You’ll only need one apple per person so you can focus on selecting only the best-looking ones. You’ll also need adhesive labels, a paint pen with an extra-fine tip, a few dried flowers, berries and assorted leaves and a hot glue gun. The end result is a beautiful apple-themed place card just like the one featured on amylattacreations

On a similar note, you can also use apples to make a fall-themed centerpiece for the dinner table. For the one featured on amylattacreations three good-looking apples are enough. The design also makes use of a small tray (this one is made of beautiful acacia wood), a few pine cones, cinnamon sticks for a nice spicy scent, berries and a bit of greenery like eucalyptus leaves for instance. Arrange everything on the tray to create a nice and simple display. 

Here’s another lovely way to incorporate apples into beautiful table decor. This time the apples have a deep red color which helps them stand out more and contrast with the white of the candle and the green of the rosemary. They’re simply casually placed around the 1 and if you want to you can also use a tray of some sort. It’s a very simple thing to do which requires very few resources. Moreover, the rosemary will add a lovely scent to the room. Check out this project on lilyardor for more details. 

Using fresh seasonal apples to decorate the fireplace mantle can also look amazing. You can display a bunch of apples in a few different ways. For example, you could use some to fill up a small basket and you could have a few scattered around on the other side of the mantel. You can also take a few apples and carve out little hearts into them and then position them at the center of your mantel display. All of this can be accompanied by other ornaments like flowers, greenery, candles and so on. Check out hauteandhealthyliving for more inspiration. 

What great about apples is that they come in so many different sizes, colors and even different shapes. There’s a really nice variety of apples that you can use in your projects. In that sense, they’re quite similar to flowers which brings to a beautiful centerpiece that we saw on designimprovised. It reminded us a lovely bouquet of flowers. Big, small and medium-sized apples were used to fill up this pedestal bowl and then a few eucalyptus leaves were added into the empty spots between them. 

Apples can even be turned into candles. It’s a surprisingly easy thing to do and you can even complete this project with a few basic things that you have around the house. For instance, you can use a few wax crayons that the kids no longer use. You’ll also need to carefully select a few apples that stand up straight and you’ll also need some paraffin wax with wicks, an empty can, a serrated knife or a grapefruit spoon and some apple spice or apple cider mix just to add a lovely autumn scent to the candles. You can find the instructions on sayyes if you’re interested in the details. 

Another super easy thing to do is fill a tray with apples and pears and create a fall centerpiece for the table. You can add a few more varieties of fruit if you want to but it would be nice to only use seasonal ones from your own region, otherwise the centerpiece could end up looking exotic more than anything else. Add eucalyptus leaves and branches to make a nice green bed for all the fruit to rest on. This is an idea featured on julieblanner and we find it very inspiring. 

How about a topiary centerpiece made with beautiful fresh apples? It would look like a bouquet with apples instead of flowers and you could have several of them on a large table. For the base you can use a bowl, vase, planter or any container that fits the design and you can fill the empty spaces between the apples with some greenery, whatever you can find in your area. This design can also be made with various other seasonal fruit so feel free to experiment. Check out npdodge for more inspiring ideas like this one. 

Here’s one more thing that you can make with apples: a wreath. Faux apples would be better-suited for this project since they’ll need to be glued onto the wreath, plus they’ll last longer. Get yourself a bunch of apples, a styrofoam wreath form, some burlap cut into strips, a bit of moss and a hot glue gun and get to work. Wrap the burlap around the wreath, then glue the apples on it one by one. At the end, fill in the gaps with moss. Additional details and instructions about this project can be found on thewoodgraincottage

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to cover up the entire wreath with apples. If you’re using a grapevine wreath you can use only a few apples as decorations which you can add at the bottom, in a pocket made of twigs. There’s no need to glue the apples onto the wreath in this case which means you can easily swap them out with fresh ones when needed. You can also add a few colorful leaves and even some seasonal flowers to make your apple wreath look extra pretty. Check out stowandtellu for more lovely ideas. 

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